Wound Collector – “Depravity”

Peter Verdonck – tenor, baritone & bass saxophones, lead vocal

Guy Van Campenhout – guitars, backing vocal

Kurt Hermans – bass, backing vocal

Nico Veroeven – drums

Piano on “Inherit The Crown” by Dirk Herten

Guest vocal on “No God Without Terror” by Tommy Dahlström c/o Aeon

All lyrics Peter Verdonck

All music Peter verdonck, except “Royalty Achieved By War” Guy Van Campenhout and “Seduced Into Depravity” Peter Verdonck & Guy Van Campenhout

Recorded by Ivan Houben & Jonas Sanders at Blackout Studio March 2019

Mixed by Ivan Houben at Blackout Studio

Mastered by Alan Douches

Cover art and lay-out by Threadbare Surgeons

Logo by ModBlackmoon
  • Release Date : 2020